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Use behavioral design for bribery prevention during a traffic stop - Behavioral Case example

Actualizado: 15 jun 2023

Here is simple behavioral case example of how using our methodology new ideas that align the different users pursuit of value, and motivation, can emerge

Our approach to tackling this problem relies on a combination of behavioral design, behavioral economics, user experience, user behavior, user psychology, conversion rate optimization, persuasion techniques, decision-making, human-centered design, user-centered design, behavioral insights, and cognitive biases.

The result? we propose a solution that involves government property as a way to patrol and deter bribery. Government property can be outfitted with a QR code that reads, “It is safe to record this and please use it in this way” or “Record your intervention for your safety”. Shifting the control device from a camera on the officer chest to the citizen mobile. To motivate the government could offer a discount on recorded fines and have a lottery that makes the fine free

Watch the video and learn why our models uncover simple solutions like these

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