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Behavioral Design Models

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No matter, if you are an entrepreneur or have an established business, creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), is an absolutely necessary step to ensure a successful product launch. However, in this hyper-fast world that devours attention and our time, simply 'creating a quick MVP' IS NOT ENOUGH. If you don't go to the roots, the product will eventually fail. We invite you to apply what you learn to your own project, as this will be the best way to truly absorb this knowledge. If you currently don't have a project at hand, we will provide you with some fictional cases that you can use. You will learn to identify and analyze the motivation, skills, and triggers of the users necessary to effectively offer and maintain value for the users, and how to apply this to the development of an MVP: - Identification of target behaviors. - Goal setting. - Behavioral design. - Prototyping. - MVP definition. After each section, you will find a brief questionnaire, in addition to an opportunity to upload your progress. Upon completion, you will receive a certification and a personalized evaluation of your project. - It's a great effort, so we are proud to offer it 😎. We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed creating it! And last but not least, we would love to receive your feedback 🙌. Thank you and welcome!






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