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What you get

  • We will conduct a product design consultancy that incorporates decision-makers into the process actively. Over 8 remote meetings, each lasting up to two hours, we will identify the problem and explore solution spaces (constraints, opportunities, resources) while designing a system that seeks to generate target behaviors based on our established methodology. 

    This process will enable you to understand your product from a behavioral perspective, define the behavioral barriers that the product aims to address, and identify behaviors that add value.

  • As a result of this process, we will understand which behaviors we are seeking to generate, what is their behavioral funnel, and the barriers that exist between the user and value. This will enable us to define the metrics to follow throughout the product cycle, seeking to pinpoint the moments when the user receives or delivers value. 

  • Our service not only focuses on identifying key behaviors to generate value, but also on identifying barriers that may be preventing users from fully utilizing the product. We design ingenious and effective functionalities to overcome these barriers and achieve expected results.

    We use a variety of strategies adapted to each type of behavioral problem identified to ensure we find the best possible solution and provide a highly effective design of functionalities.

    Furthermore, we focus on finding synergies between the different functionalities and tools we design, minimizing the project size and improving efficiency in the development process.

  • A clickable prototype is a useful tool to display the different screens of a technological solution and allow navigation between them. Unlike static prototypes, clickable prototypes enable users to interact with the interface and simulate the product's functionality.

    It is important to note that clickable prototypes do not perform logical operations, but allow testing of navigation and user experience in a realistic way. Additionally, a clickable prototype is a valuable tool to communicate your idea to potential customers, investors, and other decision-makers.

    With a clickable prototype, you can showcase your idea with a high degree of fidelity and test it with users before embarking on the development process. This enables you to quickly and effectively detect problems and make changes.

  • The initial scope of the MVP will be defined in a table that specifies the functionalities that the first product version must support, as well as the user actions and behaviors that it should generate. The goal is to ensure that the delivered product is of high quality and meets user expectations.

    The table will identify the actors and environments in which the functionalities occur. It will describe each functionality with a focus on user behaviors and the actions they seek to perform through the product.

    In addition, we offer ideas on how to integrate third-party services or utilize alternative resources to minimize development.This initial MVP scope will allow us to focus on effectively developing key functionalities and prioritize the value offered to users.

  • Do you want to show your investors how your product generates behaviors and avoids empty buzzwords? Our deck can help you do so with clear arguments, models, and academic studies! 

    With this presentation, you can demonstrate how your product modifies behaviors and generates tangible and effective value for your users. You will avoid empty words and focus on highlighting the real value your product offers to your customers.

  • Our behavior design courses, led by experts in the field, will provide you with the necessary skills to think about your product from a behavioral perspective. With our courses, you will have full access to our support team throughout the process, ensuring that you can execute our methodology on your own.

    You will receive 4 licenses for your team and progress reports from them. We will accompany you throughout the process so that you can run your own product definition process following our methodology.

  • Join our exclusive Behavioral Design sessions organized by our field experts. These sessions will provide you with valuable insights and innovative strategies for product design from a behavioral design approach. By joining our program, you will gain access to exclusive content and the opportunity to connect with other product design leaders to share knowledge and experiences. Discuss and propose advanced topics in behavior design.

    Participate in all of our events.

What you won't be getting

This program seeks to give you the plan for the realization of your MVP but does not include support during its development. We can generate a plan adjusted to your needs once you decide to start the development of the product.​


The cost of the MVP definition process is

$15,000 + tax


Project deliverables include:

  • A vision document for the future of the product together with a roadmap that defines the intermediate stages for its realization

  • A scope to run the first viable version of the product, including feature definitions, breadboards, and mockups.

  • A high definition clickable prototype to be used as part of user testing

  • Behavioral funnels that map preceding behaviors to behaviors defined as targets.

  • Step-by-step documentation of the solution that is obtained as a result of applying the different templates and diagrams

Elevate your behavioral design knowledge

Learn how to apply these principles to your next project today with

$35 a month

We provide you with the necessary tools and support to apply behavioral design in your organization without spending more than necessary

From $500 a month

Improve your business effectiveness by creating a Behavior Unit. Enhance your continuous development by adding a team of user behavior experts.

From $2.300 a month

Optimize your product at every stage

Starting at $7.000

Elevate your behavioral design knowledge

Contactános para hablar sobre un plan personalizado que satisfaga tus necesidades únicas.

Do you want to effectively create your MVP based on the needs of your users? We can help you achieve it! Our process will allow you to define the necessary minimum viable product to generate value for your users and other stakeholders.

We offer a complete package that includes an interactive prototype, a table defining the minimum functionalities, and a product presentation so you can define your MVP and start development or seek capital.

Become your own

behavioral design


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