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Design Behaviors
not features
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Driving users behavior is the center of our practice
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Our Approach

A different lens to Product Design

Or we can work as consultants.

Have a fresh pair of eyes ready to input a different approach to your product.

We can teach you to do this your self.

Check out our time-sensitive, 
straight-to-the-point video courses.

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It’s free and we are very handsome.

Large organizations looking to get everyone to rally behind one product vision.

Startups that just cant get users to do what they intend to

Startups looking to reshape their product

VP looking to innovate

University researchers

Non technical founders

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Folks we loved working with

No just social proof


Jennifer Nelson

Senior Specialist. Digital Health Solutions

Inter-American Development Bank

...The team seamlessly introduced an innovative process that guided a diverse group of public sector stakeholders to discover a new digital service to improve health in their country...

...I would highly recommend Ingenious to anyone in need of a clickable prototype. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated team who work hard to help bring your ideas to life...

...El trabajo que hacen Marce y Nacho en IB es insuperable. Una de las mejores inversiones que hicimos como empresa fue analizar el comportamiento de nuestros clientes...

Did we mention It’s free and we are very handsome?

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Introduction to
Behavioral Design
Design Models
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Interactive Work Case

How we help N.E.S. 
patients by applying 
Behavior Design