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What you get

  • Our behavior design courses, led by experts in the field, will provide you with the necessary skills to think about your product from a behavioral perspective. With our courses, you will have full access to our support team throughout the process, ensuring that you can execute our methodology on your own.

    You will receive 4 licenses for your team and progress reports from them. We will accompany you throughout the process so that you can run your own product definition process following our methodology.

  • Get an expert review of the behavioral design models you have generated. Ensure that they are optimized to generate the target behaviors that provide value within your product and learn in the process. Our behavior design experts will provide you with feedback and recommendations to ensure your solutions are innovative. By using their knowledge, you can take your product design approach to the next level.

  • Our experts will create a customized conference to address the specific behavioral challenges of your company. This conference will provide your entire team with a better understanding of behavioral design concepts and how to implement them effectively. By inviting your entire team to think in these terms, you can increase the success of your organization.

    1-hour internal company webinar that includes audience questions and answers.

  • Do you want to ensure that your product is designed with user behavior in mind? We will meet with you monthly to discuss your product from a behavioral design perspective. In this one-on-one meeting, you will share your current challenges and receive recommendations and ideas from experts to optimize the efficiency and user experience of your product.

    1 product strategy meeting with the product manager to help define the product strategy.

  • Join our exclusive Behavioral Design sessions organized by our field experts. These sessions will provide you with valuable insights and innovative strategies for product design from a behavioral design approach. By joining our program, you will gain access to exclusive content and the opportunity to connect with other product design leaders to share knowledge and experiences. Discuss and propose advanced topics in behavior design.

    Participate in all of our events.

NOTE: This service consists of two stages: analysis and maintenance. In case you have previously done an analysis with us, it is possible to hire maintenance separately. The analysis process is essential to achieve a common language between the consulting team and the product team.

What you won't be getting

  • Performing the "Behavioral Design Models" methodology process

  • Reviewing the development backlog

  • Designing and reviewing metrics

  • Regular interaction with the execution team

  • Creating clickable prototypes

  • Working on user interface design

  • Defining functionalities for an MVP

  • Helping with product narrative and branding

Those services are available through other programs.


The cost of the analysis process is

$1,500 + taxes

The cost from the 2nd month is

$500 + taxes

Become your own expert in behavior design by learning from us. We will guide you through our exclusive methodology so that you can complete your own process with our support. Our service includes a monthly meeting to check your progress, as well as a thorough review of the models you generate. In addition, we will prepare a customized session for your team to ensure that everyone understands the principles of behavior design.

Become your own

behavioral design


Elevate your behavioral design knowledge

Learn how to apply these principles to your next project today with

$35 a month

Create your own behavioral unit

Improve your business effectiveness by creating a Behavior Unit. Enhance your continuous development by adding a team of user behavior experts.

From $2.300 a month

Design a
successful MVP

Define the scope of your project and ensure that you're creating something people will love. This includes a clickable prototype and a table of MVP functionalities.

$15.000 Pack

Optimize your product at every stage

Starting at $7.000

Or create your own
custom strategy

Contact us to discuss a custom plan that meets your unique needs.

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