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Behavior Design Thinking in Healthcare: Our Case Studies

Behavior design is transforming healthcare. By integrating principles of psychology and behavior with design thinking techniques, we can create innovative solutions that positively impact the behaviors of patients and providers, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

At Ingenious Behavior, we're committed to harnessing the power of behavior design to create products that change lives. Here are four inspiring case studies that show how we're doing just that.


MedVenture is a survival game for cell phones that helps young liver transplantees remember to take their medication. The game is part of a research project carried out by the University of Colorado ACCORDS mHealth & Informatics Core. Researchers found out that when these youngsters become independent from their parents, they start to forget to take their pills, which could explain the increase in hospitalizations.

By employing gamification techniques, MedVenture engages its young users in a survival story where they have to keep their pill-taking on track to survive the journey. MedVenture is not only an innovative solution to a common problem but also a powerful example of how gamification can be used to influence behavior.

Planning Advance Care Together (PACT)

Planning Advance Care Together is a mobile health (mHealth) application that meets the patient’s need to incorporate loved ones into the Advanced Care Planning (ACP) decision-making process. The app revolves around three different subjects: educating the patient and their loved ones about the importance of ACT, providing a tool to create a set of legal documents that reflect the will of the patient, and propitiating other discussions around the end-of-life between the patient and their family and friends.

PACT aims to make ACP more accessible and easier to navigate for patients, their loved ones, and providers. By empowering patients to have open discussions about their end-of-life care, PACT enables them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.


+Bien is a platform that rewards employees for taking actions that affect their well-being or that of their environment. The platform seeks to multiply personal and environmental impact by strengthening the habits that users have for their own well-being and that of their environment by showcasing them and encouraging progress. "+Bien" proposes missions and challenges to stimulate the community, relationships, and play.

These activities are tracked through mobile sensors and the actions of other users, such as testifying to a delivery or certifying that someone is present at a location. The platform offers tangible benefits such as services, products, and cash, creating positive reinforcement for users' behavior.

FNDing Recovery

FNDing Recovery is a tool to better report and understand Non Epileptic Seizures (NES), a type of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Its goal is to get the patient to report their seizures at least once a week. By declaring each day of the week how many and which type of seizures they have suffered.

The tool is not just a journey; it helps the patient introspect on their triggers and stressors, learn specific information regarding their experience, visualize their progress and for providers to better understand their patients and disorder. FNDing recovery is an example of how by empowering patients with tools to track and understand their behavior, and that of their health providers, can create better outcomes.


Behavior Design Thinking

At Ingenious Behavior, we're excited about the potential of behavior design in healthcare. By taking a user-centered approach and applying principles of psychology and behavior, we believe that we can create products that make a real difference in people's lives.

Our cutting-edge methodology puts behaviors and underlying barriers to behavior at the core of the design process. We base our designs on biases, effects, and psychological models to create comprehensive development plans for our clients' products.

If you're an entrepreneur or researcher looking to create or optimize a healthcare product with behavior design, contact us at Ingenious Behavior to learn more about how we can help. Together, let's create innovative solutions that change lives.

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