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Create your own Behavioral Unit

Behavioral Unit

Ingenious Behavior can help you establish your Behavior Unit helping your business objectives by leveraging the power of Behavioral Science. Our service is based on Applied Behavioral Sciences, which involves using the Science of Behavior to design indicators that help our clients understand the behaviors that are critical to achieving their goals.

Our flagship methodology "behavioral design models'' helps you to unlock hidden value in your product and identify the key behaviors that they need to target to achieve their objectives. You can use this information to develop a development backlog that prioritizes activities based on their impact on behavior and perceived value.

Through our periodic meetings with clients, we analyze data and adjust their development backlog based on any behavioral trends or changes. Our approach to behavior is based on the Science of Behavior, which ensures that our clients are able to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

We believe that by adopting an Ingenious behavior approach, our clients are better equipped to prioritize their activities based on their impact on behavior. This leads to improved outcomes and a better return on investment.

In conclusion, our Behavior Unit is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by applying Behavioral Science principles. We use the Science of Behavior to design indicators and develop backlogs that prioritize activities based on their impact on behavior. We encourage other organizations to work with us to adopt an Ingenious behavior approach and achieve their business objectives more efficiently and effectively.

You can access these features for as little as 500 usd a month!

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