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Meagan Watson, MPH. Program Manager for Non-Epileptic Seizure (NES) Clinic. University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ingenious, a very talented product design agency. My relationship with Ingenious began with Kevin Jones. Kevin was immediately encouraging and connected me with local resources to begin the search for funding the initial phase of my mobile app development. Kevin arranged meetings with his Ingenious team members for free to launch the brainstorming process and created a platform to begin sharing my ideas and receiving feedback on marketability and commercialization.

Developing the clickable prototype with Ignacio and Marcelo was seamless and enjoyable. They were patient as our clinical team brainstormed their questions in real time over several meetings. They listened attentively to our ideas and the target population’s needs and were able to translate them into an interactive and engaging prototype. The prototype they created was not only visually appropriate, but successfully integrated features we requested making an intuitive patient and healthcare provider user experience.

Overall, I would highly recommend Ingenious to anyone in need of a clickable prototype. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated team who work hard to help bring your ideas to life. I cannot thank Ingenious enough for their insight and collaboration on all aspects of the design process. It is because of them that we are now able to take the next step in developing a product which does not yet exist and will be critical to the treatment and research of an extremely underserved population.

I would be happy to provide additional details for anyone who is considering working with Ingenious."

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