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Non-Technical Founders: Why Experts Consult for Product & Service Design for their Ventures

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Learn why non-technical founders should consult experts for product and service design on their ventures. Discover the benefits of professional consultation in refining user experiences, meeting industry standards, and overcoming technical challenges. Gain insights into how expert guidance can unlock the full potential of your products and services. Don't let a lack of technical expertise hold you back – explore the power of consultation to drive success in your venture.

In Ingenious Behavior, we have had the privilege of working alongside outstanding professionals in various fields, from members of the Tour de France champion's team to renowned eye surgeons, religious organizations, university researchers, and NBA physical trainers. These individuals who excel in their fields often recognize the need for a necessary product and are motivated to create a solution. Even though they possess deep knowledge and experience in their fields, they understand that product design is a distinct area and seek help. In this article, we will explore why entrepreneurs consult on product design and the immense benefits this can bring to their ventures.

Smart entrepreneurs seek the expertise of others:

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of seeking expertise in various aspects of their business. They hire lawyers to establish their company, experts to create shareholder agreements, and rely on accountants, graphic designers, and marketing experts for other tasks. However, when it comes to the core of their business, the product or service, they often hesitate to consult with experts.

Doing so is smart. You can handle complex legal matters without a lawyer and create marketing strategies without a marketing expert, but you will likely suffer from a lack of experience. Product design is equally complex and requires specialized knowledge and experience from professionals in the field.

Why hire a product consultant:

Hiring a full-time product designer may seem like the obvious solution, but finding the right person who not only possesses the necessary skills but also understands the nuances of your specific industry and can provide the necessary leadership to drive the development team is, optimistically speaking, difficult. Filling these roles can be like finding a unicorn, the secret is that your product team is made, not hired. However, you must design and create a product for this to happen.

This is where the consultancy format shines. By working with an external team of designers who have designed dozens of products, entrepreneurs gain access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a clear methodology. This not only helps them build a strong product team from day one but also helps shape the internal product team by hiring based on experience and generating best practices for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the service.

The clarity of understanding the design of YOUR product:

Behavioral design is like a CT scan for your product: it offers a clear and defined understanding of how and why your product works. Through product design consultancy from a behavioral perspective, entrepreneurs can map the systems and behaviors that drive value. It allows them to identify underlying assumptions, establish metrics to measure success, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the internal workings of their product.

This clarity not only enhances the ability to refine and improve the product but also informs strategic decision-making throughout the development process. With clear product design, entrepreneurs can develop a series of hypotheses, each with a defined purpose of bringing the user closer to the final value.

You can see some of these cases: HERE.


As an entrepreneur, consulting on product design can be a game-changing decision. Instead of shouldering the burden of product design alone, you can rely on a team that guides you and applies known strategies to reach the launch of your product and improve it. By seeking external expertise, you can leverage the knowledge and experience of a team that excels in product design and brings fresh perspectives to your venture while also developing your internal knowledge. Remember, being aware of what you don't know and seeking help in those areas is a sign of intelligence and commitment to creating the best possible product. Harness the power of consultations and steer your venture towards success.

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