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Why are our courses presented by a rabbit-headed avatar? - The making of MR B.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The short answer is product design.

An avatar is a digital representation of a person, typically used for online communication or in video games. In the context of course videos, an avatar can be used to dub over the audio more efficiently and cost-effectively. One major benefit of using an avatar for dubbing is that it allows for the production process to be streamlined. Instead of hiring voice actors and scheduling recording sessions, the audio can be recorded and synced with the avatar in a more flexible and convenient way, saving time and resources. This eliminates the need for in-person recordings and the associated logistical challenges.

Using an avatar helps us create the course and other videos more quickly and cheaply, making the MVP more minimal. The same clip can be used several times, limiting the time required to record this series.

Another interesting feature is that the actor is interchangeable. This strategy was employed by the producers of "Top Gear," the famous TV show about cars. Stig, the masked driver, sets the reference lap times for others to compare. Being an avatar, the producers could switch drivers according to the legal requirements or the car's features.

But that's not all! Other benefits include waking up your curiosity by breaking the expectations of what you were expecting when you clicked on the first video. It helps us present ourselves as something different, not just a lecture. This contrast should boost the impact it makes on you and won't be forgotten as easily. You might be tempted to share these insights with others and even share our videos.

Overall, using an avatar to present our material makes the production process more efficient and cost-effective while generating recallability of the course and the brand. It also allows us to generate meta content (this article). Mr B is an ingenious solution that produces curiosity and memorability, two elements that are hard to come by.

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